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Luxe Designers slow fashion, small production and creating gorgeous bags!!
From Ballerina to Bag Designer and a career in Finance!
The journey started in Mexico City, from a childhood in laid back La Jolla, California to an adventure across the pond, eventually settling in London.
How it all started? From as far back as she can remember, Margaret has always had a secret love affair with handbags. However often discouraged by the quality and the outrageous prices they commanded. 
Luxe Designers offers a fresh contemporary wave of unique, high-quality Handbags featuring great designs at affordable price points, avoiding the traditional markup of x 6 (you are welcome)!
The labels are created by some of the most exciting independent designers and handcrafted by ultimate Artisans in family-owned workshops in Italy. 
Margaret’s goal is to support Italian Artisans to express their talent and survive in the current globalised world providing them with a platform to showcase their products, giving women the opportunity to wear something spectacular and feel amazing.

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Ridley - London SW13
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